Appraisal Information

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The following information is provided for appraisers regarding the units at The Waterworks at Chestnut Hill. These documents represent the full packet that we will be providing to you. We have utilized a Standard Project Questionnaire and do not complete individual forms, you should find all the pertinent information necessary to complete your evaluation of a unit contained within the document we provide to you. Additionally, you will find the stamped, recorded Master Deed and Declaration of Trust for each building, the Master Site Plan, a link to the unit floor plans located on another page of the website, and a copy of the insurance binder for the project. Please note that we do not provide comparable property information.

We are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have; appointments are made between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM to visit actual unit interiors. Please note that appointments must be made in advance of your visit to the site, for reasons of accommodation and accessibility to units no unit showings will take place without a scheduled appointment.

Our on site contact person to facilitate your appraisal visits is Kathleen Roche; she may be reached at 617-731-6800. Please leave your contact information including a telephone number, email address, the building, unit and buyer's name which you need to appraise. Kathleen will be in touch with you as soon as possible to coordinate your visit to the site.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with the process we have established, this will permit us to assist and serve you better as you need to visit the site. We look forward to helping you meet our buyers needs here at The Waterworks at Chestnut Hill.

General Site Documents
Watermark Amendment - March 13th, 2010
Color Site Map/Rendering (RECORDED)
Waterworks Trust Declaration (RECORDED)
DCR Consent to Subdivision of Land (RECORDED)
WWP Cross Easement and Use Agreement (RECORDED)
Edison Easement (RECORDED)
National Amusements Easement (RECORDED)
Verizon Easement (RECORDED)
Declarant's Deed (RECORDED)
First Admendment to Declarations Deed (RECORDED)
Recorded LDA Part 1 (RECORDED)
Recorded LDA Part 2 (RECORDED)
Certificate of Insurance
Waterford Package
Declaration of Trust (RECORDED)
Master Deed (RECORDED)
Watermark Package
Watermark Amendment - March 13th, 2010
Declaration of Trust (RECORDED)
Master Deed (RECORDED)
Parking Plans
Watermark As Built Floor Plans (12/20/2006)
Whitehall Package
Declaration of Trust (RECORDED)
Master Deed (RECORDED)
Whitehall Final Parking Plan
Whitehall As Built Floor Plans (12/01/2006)
Whitehall Floor Plans (12/01/2006)
The Residences Package
Declaration of Trust (RECORDED)
Master Deed (RECORDED)

As of the date hereof, December 28, 2006, the information herein provided is true and accurate to the best of disseminator's knowledge and belief and relies solely on information so provided to same.